Gleaning & canning

Photo courtesy of Revelstoke Bear Aware Society

Photo courtesy of Revelstoke Bear Aware Society

The Revelstoke Local Food Initiative and Revelstoke Bear Aware have partnered for 5 great seasons of gleaning and canning. With over 2500 lbs of fruit gleaned, our volunteers were more then happy to come out and gather fruit for the local Community Connections Food Bank.

The gleaning and canning project donates 1/3 of the fruit gleaned and canned to the local Food Bank. A portion goes to our wonderful volunteers, who without then this project would not be a success.  The remainder of the fruit is then processed and sold to keep this project running each year.

In previous years, canning workbees produced some amazing sugar free apple sauce, canned plums and dried prunes. The sun was shining most days and smiles were abundant. Not only does this project support local food initiatives and the food bank, but it also deters bears coming into the community. This is a very important feat as bears will return to the same tree year after year, not to mentioned, it is an offence under the British Columbia Wildlife Act ( if you do not manage the fruit trees in your yard.

If you have a tree that you would like to sign up to be gleaned please contact us at We’re more then happy to come and glean trees, provide food to our community and the Community Connections Food Bank and keep our community and the bears safe too!