Harvest Hootenanny

September 7th, 2019. Take to Heart Mill. Chef Josh White.

Stay tuned for our 2020 Save the Date.

Our annual Farm to Table Fundraiser brings together the community in celebration of local food. The event is about celebrating the amazing bounty of fresh, sustainably grown foods from in and around our little mountain town. It is about transforming that food into a delectable meal for our guests to enjoy. It is about coming together in an unusual place to share an experience. It is about the conversations that will happen, the friends to be made, and the feelings that all of this will evoke.

The creative menu is developed by one of your talented local chefs with ingredients sourced from our local farms; Terra Firma Farms, Greenslide Co, Hoisington Farms, Track Street Growers, Wild Flight Farms, . To compliment the family style meal there are drinks from Monashee Spirits, Mount Begbie Brewery and Summerhill Pyramid Winery.

In the words of Wendell Berry, “eating is an agricultural act” - especially at the Hootenanny!

Thank you to all of the volunteers who make this event possible. See you next year.

Event photography from Juniper Ridge Photography

garden & art tour

The Garden & Art Tour promotes local food by pairing together local gardens and artists to showcase the talent we have in our community. The event aims display local food, what can be grown in our community and local artistic talent. This event features spectacular flower beds, backyard chickens, fig trees and accessible gardening.  We have an eclectic mix of artists such as pottery, cooking, painting and even hair design. The event is self guided, following a map with participants walking or biking between garden venues. This event is fun for all ages, bringing a little garden and artistic inspiration into our own lives.

Local Farm Tour Series

Every summer, the Local Food Initiative is providing you with the opportunity to see where your delicious, fresh food is coming from.

Have you ever noticed the wide variety of land being farmed within such a small area of B.C.? Join the LFI Farm Tour Series this summer and see how farmers creatively use the land to provide locally sourced food to Revelstoke. One of the farms we plan to visit, Greenslide Cattle, is a great example of this, transporting their herd across the Columbia River on a cattle sized barge. Along with this there are multiple urban farms popping up and farmers cultivating all forms of land from riverbanks to hillsides.