The Revelstoke Local Food Initiative Society is a collection of concerned citizens that aims to cultivate a vibrant, resilient local food system.


Our history

The LFI formed as a committee of the North Columbia Environmental Society in 2010 with the creation of the Downtown Community Garden and the Garden Guru Series. The committee grew in numbers, activities and capacity until it was time to break off and form our own society in 2015. The LFI maintains an excellent relationship with the NCES and continues to partner on many projects. 

Food security

Food Security, a term that encompasses our access to healthy, sustainable and affordable food, has become an important topic in recent years. There is a growing trend towards all things local, fresh and home-grown. The LFI sees the potential to nurture this trend as it benefits our health, our economy, our earth and our culture.Through education, facilitation and advocacy we will empower the community to enhance local food production and utilization.

The Local Food Initiative

In 2013 the LFI developed the Revelstoke Food Charter in collaboration with the City of Revelstoke Department of Community Economic Development and a steering group made up of local residents and specialists in food security. This was followed by the development of the Revelstoke Food Security Strategy which identified gaps and made recommendations for different groups to enhance the food security of this isolated mountain town. The LFI uses these documents as well as our strategic planning to guide our initiatives and behind-the-scenes work.

We are not only what we eat, but how we eat, too.
— Michael Pollan, The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals