Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer for Midsummer Night's Green

August 11th Terra Firma Farms

We are looking for volunteers to help make this event spectacular!

1. Server. This would be serving the dinner and helping out with other tasks such as the bar and silent auction when needed.  Ideally you would have serving experience however we would also be able to train you for the event- It would be from approximately 3:30-10pm. We would offer a meal and drink as a thank you as well as getting to be part of the event. 

2. Dishwasher. We have some dishes that need to be washed for reuse throughout the dinner and we need to rinse all the other equipment to return to the rental company. I already have 1 person down for this role, but ideally it's a 2 person job. Again we offer food and a drink as a thank you. 

3. Set up and Clear Down. We will be setting up from 10am-3pm on the Saturday and clearing up on Sunday from 11am-1/2pm. We'll be putting up tents, tables, decorating- everything needed for the event and then taking it all down. The timing can be flexible throughout the day. We will have food available at this too. 

4. Picking up Items in Vernon. We are sourcing some equipment, that is not available in Revelstoke, from Vernon. We are looking for someone who is either already coming from that way on Friday August 10 or would be willing to make the trip for us. We would cover your gas money and compensate you for this trip. Ideally someone with an SUV or Truck please. 

If you are interested in getting involved please contact Rosie at msng@revelstokelocalfood.com