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In the growing trend of cooperative ownership the LFI proudly offers the Food Processing Equipment Loans, hosted by Big Mountain Kitchen & Linens at 215 MacKenzie Avenue. Here you can find canning supplies, dehydrators, pitters, food mills & presses, and sauce masters.

Items are available for rental at rates of $2.00/day for small equipment and $4.00/day for large equipment for LFI members.

Not a member and need to rent something in a pinch? You still have access to our Equipment Library! For non-members the rates are $4.00/day for small equipment and $8.00/day for large equipment.

To view a full inventory of equipment, check availability, and see rental terms, please visit Big Mountain Kitchen's website.


Equipment For rent



Cherry Pitter

Canner & Rack

Apple Peeler

Fruit Crusher

Fruit Press

Pressure Canner

Steam Juicer

Food Mill

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