Looking for local, organic, or heirloom seeds?



Seed Library

Help yourself to variety of herbs, flowers, legumes, fruit and vegetable seeds. The LFI Seed Library is hosted by the Okanagan Regional Library at 605 Campbell Avenue. Watch for our Seed Exchange in the spring or donate your seeds anytime to the library.

We want your seeds!! 

Local seeds grown with love is the requirement! Bring them down to the Seed Library to share with others in our community. Let's share....keep it local. 

Seed Saving

Seed Saving can be a fun hobby, a revolutionary act, or a career. It may be tempting to order all of your seeds from a shiny catalogue, but how will they grow here in Revelstoke? By saving locally grown seeds you are selecting for seeds that grow and thrive in this location with its seasons, soil, sunlight, wind and water conditions. They are also free of laboratory manipulation and toxic coatings and treatments. Keep it wild! Keep it free! Your home grown seeds are a welcome addition to our Seed Library.

Check out all the seed saving techniques that our friends over at Stellar Seeds in Kaslo, BC have filmed. These videos will show you the basics of seed saving popular vegetable varieties including kale, carrots, and beets.

Part of the Seed Works Series, Patrick Steiner of Stellar Seeds and David Catzel of Fraser Common Farm discuss how determine when Kale seed is ready to harvest and some methods for harvesting. Produced by FarmFolk CityFolk with generous funding from Vancity.

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